About us

• Specialising in high-tech, high tolerance engineered components
• Everything from long-run production to complex,
  one-off prototype components
• Highly qualified engineers driven by quality
• A privately-owned company, established over 30years ago
  in New Zealand
• ISO 9001:2015 accredited

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It’s over 40 years since our engineering business was started by my father in a small workshop west of Auckland, New Zealand. Now we’re producing high-tolerance, high precision components in spotlessly clean, well-organised premises designed around our business.

Still based in Auckland, Precision Components Ltd remains a family run business. There are no shareholders to keep happy. Just customers to please, and a close-knit team of staff who take great pride in their work. Our roots are firmly in New Zealand, a country not only famous for being green but also famous for nurturing a resourceful, innovative outlook in everyone.

But this doesn’t mean we only trade in New Zealand. In fact around 90% of our business comes from overseas. We’re very much a competitive, global company in our specialist fields of marine components, carbon plate machining, electromagnet componentry, and medical devices.

When I took over the business from my father in 1992, I made a few tough decisions. Precision Components had to live and breathe quality. I invested heavily in the best machinery I could find and set about changing the structure of the business. I wanted everyone to have clear responsibilities. That meant dedicated machine operators, specialist finishers to make sure all components left in perfect condition, and a quality management team devoted to continuous improvement.

It also meant creating a customer service team totally focussed on working with our clients. With a proper structure in place, everyone could refine their skills and do the very best job that they could do. And it is all of this that makes Precision Components such a successful business.

Our clients love our flexibility, our obsession with quality and the great personal service that ties it all together. Many clients have been working with us for decades. As the processes and applications of our components have changed, we’ve helped each other grow.

If you’d like to learn more about Precision Components, please give me a call.

Duncan George

Phone: +64 9 415 4590

or email: duncan.g@pcltd.co.nz

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